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Sep. 29th, 2007

still a minimum amount of icons so I'm extending the theme until next Friday. Please submit!

mid-week reminder

Only 1 icon has been submitted but more is much appreciated! :] Come on guys, we can't live on extensions forever!

[Enter your icons here]

Week 57 Submission

Hello all and welcome to Week 57

As always, it will be one general(word), image, and lyrical(song) theme. You are allowed to make 3 icons

General Theme
Your word theme for this week is Border. Feel free to use the word or variations of it, or a icon depicting the theme itself.

Image Theme
HitsugayaCollapse )

Lyrical Theme
Under the cut is your lyrics. You must use THREE consecutive words for your icon to count.

When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne

lyricsCollapse )

+This icontest is for only the Gotei 13 captains and Vice-captains. People such as Urahara, Yoruichi, Kaien, Hanatarou, Yumichika, Ikkaku, Ganju and Kuukaku are the only exceptions accepted, since they're all associated with the Gotei13.
+If you didn't read the rules for icon submission, you can go here, but I'll give you an example of the submission.
+Has to go through LJ standards of 100x100 size and not more than 40KB
+Example on how to submit:


(icon goes here)
[ < img src= " icon URL goes here " > ]<--remove the spaces

+submissions here are screened
+Submissions will be closed this Friday,September 28th @ 6 PM EST whereas the voting post will be posted on the same day. Good luck!

Week 53 banners

Banners for sleepless_6 and tranquilsquall. I'm sorry for the lateness!

hereCollapse )

Let me know if anything needs to be changed.

Week 56 Winners

Congrats to our winners! Please comment if you want a banner, and I'll get to that as soon as possible. Also, how many of you out there are owed banners? Let me know! <3

Read more...Collapse )

Delayed Theme

Hey all! >O I've been on vacation and...non-existant but it's kinda hard here, when there's only one computer in my house. I'm only sneaking on so either I'll have your next theme later tonight or early tomorrow morning!

Meanwhile, vote for the current theme everyone!


Week 56 Voting

- Vote for 2 icons.
- Do not vote for your own or have other people vote for you.
- Voting will end Sunday, if we have enough votes. (Please tell people to vote, just don't tell them which icon is yours!)

Read more...Collapse )

A new theme will be up soon. :)

Mid-week reminder

Hey thar~! I live! Unfortunately, this week's theme doesn't. Please be entering for this week's theme? There's only two icons D:

[Enter your icons here!]

Extension - Week 56

Week 56 is going to be extended until next Friday, because only one icon was submitted.

Please submit here!

Winner - Week 55

Sorry about the delay, but we only got three votes anyway. u_u;;; Jeez....

Anyway, your First Place Winner is...


Congrats! I can't promise any banners, but if you'd like one, comment and I'll try to get around to them.

Also, a quick reminder for week 56's theme - submmissions are due by tomorrow midnight (or until you see a comment on the entry stating otherwise)... and we only have one icon. Please consider submitting! - the submission post can be found here!